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We stress the importance of inspiring people to develop their critical strengths in support of a larger, growth-oriented vision – changing the form, not the substance. We believe that the core strategies best utilized to achieve this critical balance are to create a nurturing environment that builds extraordinary trust, understands the needs and wants of all parties, and encourages innovation to push the status quo.

Rate of change calculations are available to assist clients with assessing the challenges of employing the best of the best. Established in the early 70’s, the process incorporates ten to fifteen indices influencing opportunities, including BLS New Orders Durable, ISM Purchasing Manager Index (PMI), The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, BLS Capacity Utilization, and BLS Voluntary Quit Levels.

Our analysis is available to client companies requesting specific data as it relates to the respective business of individual clients. The process is a proven technique to predict inventory requirements, sales order expectations, and many other specific data that helps define the challenges facing our clients. Call (267) 464-0188 or email for additional information.

Up-dates are posted quarterly.

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